Oh good god

I’m so sorry Dx Have u forgotten about me? ahhhhh

I’m too lazy to blog right now but I’m so bored, I will give u a short update ❤

I wnt shopping in the past two weeks alot xD Really A  LOT and mostly in H&M because it SALE in every shop

I didnt do pics from everything but they will follow ❤

First of all… I’m finished with school, forever *__*

So for this I got a new phone ❤ Finally ;_____; I love it sooo much

its a Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro ❤



I will post a few face shoots from the last weeks and a few pics and write something about it xD it happend sooo much I cant resume everything haha


Oh god…did I post anything from the last holidays? @@


too much to show u all..mhhh

just one thing…I got sooo addicted to bun int the lats tim xD My hair is finally loung enough to do a big one ❤

and I try a more ulzzang inspirited lookalternate to my normal gyaru make up

this is how I wnt to the SM TOWN Concert in Paris

And I totally forgot aboput the Boggy Peak Meet XD AH AH I WILL JUST UPLOAD  PICS SO YEAH FUCK IT

I got a bit tanned recently but everything got tanned but my face and neck ….

si I ned todo them with make up and this is how I look when I forgot my make up at home and sleep at a friends xD

how I look atm

radnom pics from the meet

   with Pai and Bella ❤


the pretty famous group foto with hyper xDD and some himeberry gals

caro was lost so I’m th eonly ‘Pearl’ here xD

well… I wont upload any more pics XD next timmme <333333

love u…this time I will do post more often xD

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