Weekend ♥

We went to buy some things yesterday ♥

I laughed so hard and I still wonder whats up with the shopkeepers xDDD they put some gelee bananas right between real ones… in the fruit section XDDD

cakes ♥♥ and they are squarish

I got this with nougat creme filled donuts ♥ they were so yummy xD

Yesterday was the party for my fathers birthday ♥

Here is some camwhoring haha

Outfit shoot ♥ I wore a black lace skirt but u cant see it clear

then today we went shopping because it was sale sunday in our town ♥

I wore a casual outfit b/c it should rain…and didnt <<‘

first time wearing a real usamimi

My parents said it looked funny and cute haha

there were some people and a live act and such xD

I got a red ballon *___*

it suits to my outfit…and TVXQ xD

I was in TK maxx and there were some nice things but some wierd too xDD

this jacket as example looked so much like cosplay xD

then we made a break and drank some alcohol xDD

we got my father to carry all our shoped things xD

then we convinced him to go eat to the pizza restaurant and omfg the food was so delicioussss ♥

it was such  a nice and cozy restaurant ♥ next time I will take some pics of the interior

and the pizza was so big

the small one was about 30 cm

I got one with seafood and pesto ♥








I wore some other lashes today ♥

Dads fiancee got me this nice Escada cellphone strap ♥ we have now the same haha

I got this nice dress ♥ I love it *___*

and I got this gute shoes ♥♥ I’m so in love with them ♥

I will wear them to the Spring Meet next weekend

don’t know what else to wear but I will figure it out xD

Im so excited to see them all

Sascha, Mini, Shizu and all Pearl member but Caro ;__;

but we will so crash the japan day xDDD


OH and I just bought these lenses ♥ I’m excited how they will look

and these lashes

bye ♥♥

ps. I watch Bleach while doing this haha

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