At Andys house ♥ Doing Sujis again xD

Yesterday I was at Andys house xDD

Oh and little Update on our Circle Homepage. I added her as a official Member now ♥

I made her my little Doll and amde her hair and Make Up!

I hate to make ther peoples make up b/c I know that I can make it better but always something lacks ;___;

I love her hair ;____; When I do Sujis with my hair, my arms always hurt after a short period of time ;__; buhu

Well, I could do it better, but for the first attempt on her hair, I’m satisfied. ♥

And now some Photos from the ‘Shooting’ XD


I was so fucking ugly on the pics, I decided only to post the ones, where I look like shit on purpose xD















On the right one I edited my face DDD I think it looks somewhat strange, what do u think?

Her Eye make.

I know It should be more round. Next time ❤









she got me this and this as presents haha ♥

And this is my YUkata I will wear for Japan Day in Mai ♥

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