Big entry~ San and Caro ♥♥♥♥♥♥

On Wednesday I met San again

my outfit


We wanted to do a picnic because of the beautiful weather but the trains were all late and we met 30 min later than we wanted. It was already so late ;__;’

Well, we did a ‘picnic’ near the Rhein and it was quite funny and cold xD

there were a lot of people.

Some even played the saxophone haha~♪♫




I needed to take a pic of this xDDD the incridiens are so funny








u know, my legs look so fat there ;___;:

then we went to a shop and there was it like Word War 3!!!!

There were mountains of jeans and all just because they had Bargain. And the clothes werent that special.

Pictures cant describe it. the queue was from the cass till the other end of the shop.


Then my freind and I was bored on friday and we tried to decorate the desk in school new, when we were in some other room.

They wrote in the poor desk such a dirt… nono

I drwa the whole Spongebob things xDDD


then on Saturday, Caro and I wanted to do a picnic..but the weather got so cold ;___;

I tried the new eyeshadow I bought for the summer~ because I saw this colors on Sachiko ♥

ANd I guess this make is better for my eyeshape. This little place in the corner.. nono xD




Make Up shootWe watched movies and stuff and we talked a lot

and we had such a nice breakfast ♥

I love the sauce ♥

Well, it was more a brunch xDD


And yesterday I recorded some Para Para videos from myself…But someho.. I look so fat ,__;’

well, I need to edit them.

And I also tried my etensions to do with much bigger curls~









again from saturday xD”

AHH I forgot to edit the phots w/p extesions from yesterday…Oh well





And my fav

I know there is a lack on outfit shoots. They will follow xD the light in my room is always to doof.



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