I went shopping on impulse yesterday! u see I wear my new Shirt xD Everybody said it looks good ;__; a little ego boost haha

I bought much xD”’

I finally have some new sunglasses now!! My last ones broke in octobre in France ;__;


Then I bought this b/c I saw it some months ago and then tried it on saturday and Its good xD

And this negligee thats looks like a dress! I know I know… I would lie If I would say I didnt see it frm other worn first but then I saw it in real and omg I love it xDD”

I saw this blouson and I didnt know if I should buy it~ well, I didnt but its still there xD

Oh and I bought this! Its almost the same like my brown one but the upper part is lighter and all. Now 3 shops sell this and in every shop it looks a bit different xD first I wanted to buy it, where the upper part is ith litle roses but then the white is more beige and this looks so dirty X___x

I couldn’t resist them ;____; they did cost only 5 €


this time no Gyaru Make up, sorry. I didnt had time to apply it~

I feel like I dont know anymore how to apply simple make up w/p lashes and lenses X___x


and omfg f(x) ;___; Amber is blonde awwww and Victoria-shii looks so great ;__;

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