Ur so hypnotizing <3

On Saturday I finally met Andy ♥

We went to the café Cartoon (xD I love the name b/c it reminds me of KAT-TUN)

and drank some coffee and eat some things *__*’

And we tried to do some photos but somehow xD”’

We talked about everything ♥ It was really nice~


Because its around 20 degree atm I wore some more Springish outfit ♥

I didn’t like the black contrast but I dont know which cardigan to wear ;__;’ I dont have a brown one~

and my new ballerinas ~♥


after that, it was 9.30 PM and we decided to watch a movie~

I finally got to see Black Swan *___*

It was so so cool ♥♥

And so psycho XDD there was blood, sex, lesbian sex, puking, bulimia etc xD

everything u could imagine~

Firts of all I wanted to do 2 ponytails with curls but then My hair looked so cool the next day, I decided to do my hair like I did~

And I tried a lighter, more Popteen like make up.

I still need to find a good lighter make up style for me :__:

make up shoot

Oh. And I bought this long Shirt ♥

I love the brown color *__*

And I hear the Glee music atm a lot ♥♥♥

Can’t wait for tonight to watch the next episode!!!~ I love


And I hear Katy Perry’s ET a lot ~ Its so good!!♥

well, Bye folks~ ♥

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2 Responses to Ur so hypnotizing <3

  1. caro says:

    ihr schweine T_____T </3

    ich steh btw total auf dein make up ´__`~

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