I’d catch granate for you~

Hello Hello

Because spring is on its step through the door, I thought of presenting all my Onepieces/Dresses, that have some flower print/pattern


Maybe it will be boring but I was so surprised as I saw some things B/C I TOTALLY forgot about them |D”


Well, they will follow right away (Or next week b/c I’m lazy as shit xD) , after I did some little resume of the week/weekend ♥


First of all, yesterday, my Mama nd I went shoe shopping ♥♥

Well, more like I needed some new ballerinas because the old ones are all falling into pieces ;___;”’


But I FINALLY got my normal black Pumps I lurked for so long ;__;

They are the ones, I saw a few months ago in this shop and I thought they are a little expensive

but know they were on sale ♥♥

They also had them in really good and colorful blue, but I want some contrast pumps in pink/red ;__;’

Hereare they ♥♥

They are so comfortable ♥ 13cm~~

and now my new ballerina (´__`b)

I wanted some black ones so I could wear them on everything ♥

As u could see, they are somewhat silverish ♥

and they have some glitter rhinestones on the roses ♥

Some time ago I bought myself a fake fox tail in H&M ♥

They only had this one ut I think its cute ♥ I like it very mucho~



And yesterday was the first time I took a bath in our bathtube/show/whirpool thingy xDD we have it for like 4 years now, but I never had the urge to take a bath xD”

We have radio and tv in there too. And massage things and light and all xD”’

It was so much fun ♥ As I put on the big blubber the foam got so big I thought I would vanish xDDD

I took a photo haha


On the weekend I bouht a ne chapstick *__* MELON FLAVOR!!

Its so de-li-ci-ous~~~~♥

It looks like one too xD It smells and tastes like the melon ice my friends and I enjoy to eat ♥




And I also got this papers ♥ They suck all the oil on ur skin into themselves and ur make up is still good ♥

I always wanted some although I have super dry skin, but I want to test them ♥

And their design is cool too ~


And in the recent Popteen I saw a tutorial to do curls and other stuff with ur flat iron so I tried it…didn’t work

but I got to know how to achieve the Jelly/Nuts Look I always wanted ;o;

those messy curls the short haired models all have ♥♥

I used my little flat iron for my bag ♥ (It looks like this in pink)

and I tried to do a Gyaru Make Up with PSC AND OMFG ITS SO FUNNY xD

I know I look like shit on the real pic, but u need to know the before pic xDD

and btw I love the hair


here u can see my haircolor atm… Its somewhat really light and blonde ;__;

But I dont know if I should dye them again b/c somewhat I like the color~~ maybe in a few weeks or before the Spring meet


Here are some random Make Up pics from Saturday ♥

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