Little spring update~

Here is a little update on my last boughts and so on…
the carnival holiday report will follow when I’m at my fathers at the weekend ~

First sunny day of the year (or so xD)

First time wearing my new skirt for a short trip to the town
Firts Spring day *____* I did a random combination with a lot of flowers xD

I know this pic is wierd but I like how the different types of flowers/roses looked togheter *___*

My mum bought me a new pink eyeshadow ~

Its really good. It doesnt look that nice in its case but applied it has a nice color ^__^

And here is a photo from the blush my lovely Caro gave me the advice~
I really love the pink shade *___*

My mum also bought 2 new Mascaras from p2~~ My fav isnt aviable anymore ;O;
I hate it when those things happen ;~;

First of all this one~
It has a brush like this and is as good as the other one in my opinion…
I hate those plastic brushes to death <<‘ but sadly the new ones always have them…arg~~

this is the other one~
I love the package xDD

I still don’t exactly know how to use this O___o and which brush…

both arent that bad I must say but arent as good as my last ones~
Oh well.. I will live with it xDD

And I did my nails again ~~
I was inspirited by some nails I saw and I think about decorating them more but I will see~~

The violet looks more like a pink and it reflects the light so its looks a lot more greenish as I wanted but I like it ~~

I still use my natural nails only. Thats because there are some short ones. But I want them all to be real and long so I dont make any tips or other~~

Now some camwhoring pics from Saturday xD I tried fluffy curls on my short hair b/c everybody say they like my short hair more~~


I did some random Make Up~

I wear my new lipstick~~

I love this pic and the fact that I didnt do anything on it ~~

Oh and last time I looked at Popteen I think I was so shocked!! I NEVER SAW SUCH THIN MODELS!!! WTH??

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