Little shopping Update

I can’t believe I already bought so much and my money is gooooone xD”


I bought this fricking Belt xD

The cheaper Version was sold already( in Colloseum) but the color and moreover the quality wasn’t as nice as the belt from Orsay~♥

The color is more like the detail~

Then I bought the black Onepiece with flowers xD The seller aid some people wanted to buy it but I told them to hold it back~ U know?

They even wanted to bribe him XDDD

And I bought my skirt  I longered for since 2 years ;__; Ok, its a bit different but so cool ;___;


I also bought a pink lipstick *__*

I saw Pai and some others with this color on saturday and OMG I love this lipstick line++ I already have the nude tone~

the names are all from places or more streets xD Its so cool~

there is even a Kö xD


It looks like this applied messily and w/o make up xDDD so PHOTOSHOP! on my face x___X

Today I’m going to a carnevals train xD train?? mhh

I’m excited~~

it’s 0°C brrrr~~

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1 Response to Little shopping Update

  1. Mimi says:

    Ich und shizu haben so gelacht, als wir gelesen haben “Türkenladen” xD
    Wirklich cool ❤

    die sachen sind soooo hübschi *___*
    und deine Bildchen, habe ich ja schon on Fb besabbert xD



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