Donating Blood and shopped some Spring things~

Today it was the first time for me to donate blood *___*

It was so so cool!!!!


It was an spontanous idea

I got there and then got a firt check up~ then doing some other checks and omfg they were all so so nice and freindly and did lame jokes about Vampires and all xD

the woman who did my blood donation was a student and all and she was so nice xD

i was a bit afraid but it didnt hurt at all and it was done in about 5 minutes !!!

Then I needed to push the band aid against the spot and could go to the cafeteria after 10 min and this straight because there is a risk of fainting and all

so I went there and got food and drinks gratis *____*”

It was so cool. Oh and a cheque about 25€ |D


my firts cheque in lifetime *__*”


I would like to go more often but u can only go all 3 months ;__;

Next time I will donate Bloodplasma b/c u can donate this more often!


The woman did a pressure aid and my arm hurt the whole time ‘shopping’ but then i undid it to shower and it doesnt hurt at all ~|D It was only the pressure haha


I had some money left from Saturday and decided to buy the clothes I couldnt get out of my mind for the last few days X__x

at least a few xD Tomorrow I will buy the other things I grave for xDD

I bought this onepieces ♥♥♥

I fell in love with this and OMFG they suddenly had it in pink too ♥♥

(I know I look fat but its much better w/o jeans and some other top underneath it xD’)

But I bought it in brown/white and I love it so much ;___;

its there in black/white, white and newly pink/white and awww~~


And i bought this!

there are so much nice clothes with flower print in the shops atm!!

Almost every one has some different versions.

This one wa steh last with this color. There are still some beige w/ blue flowers or black with these pink flowers but mhhhh~~

I want to buy this tomorrow!

Still dont Know .___.’

Its there in the same clors like above or in a little bit different style (the underskirt is white and the colors of the flowers are different) but I want this b/c its black w/ pink flowers!


Man, I want them all ;___;



Oh! And I finally got my Carnivals Costume |D well..more like my wardrobe puked it out xDDD

I know its the same tights but I will change b/c its more than one day~

I wear 2 fucking bras and one top underneath xD I will die

I love the bitchy aspect xD it was my intention!! I’m so proud of myself b/c of the good comibining haha

do u see what it will be?? A Pirate >D

With a red band for my forehead!




I need to do a big homework for german but ;___;’ I’m so tired…. I’m going to bed now xD

and when u wonder… I always write the blog entry in the evening before posting xD

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