Boggy PeaK meet!

On Saturday there was a Boggy PeaK meeting in Düsseldorf, another Gyaru Circle here in Germany ♥

First I was afraid what the people will be like and moreover if they will like me xD But they are all so nice and friendly and omg I love them xD”’



First of all my outfit ♥♥


I love this Onepiece. It looks so much like something from Lipservice muahhaha

I wore my lace skirt under it and some tights.



I know my legs arent nice but I want u too show the combination ♥ I love how it looks al togheter!



Then my hair!


I thought about it the whole 2 weeks and I did some Sujimori again, this time trying to do them a bit more swinging(?).

I’m really proud how they looked in the end *___* My aim was that they look good in the back too and I accomplished it >D

Everything I tried on this day went well! My Make up didnt make any stress and my hair too!♥♥


Some camwhoring~~



Now to the event!

First Caro and I went doing Puris and OMFG I’m so happy I could cry xD Finally we have a Puri machine from japan… I mean a new one!! When I was in Japan, well, its some time ago, but still they werent any Puri machines with Gyarus on the outside and good light and all and finally! We have one! ♥♥♥♥

But the problem is, that it dont send the Puris to ur Cellphone ;__;’

I will upload the Puris as soon as I go to my father and can scan them ♥

then we went back to the meeting point and the first thing I need to say is, all looked as amazing as on their pictures *___*


They are all so pretty !! and their Make Up and Hair skills are really good too ♥♥♥


Then we went to make Puris again xD I dont know If I will ever see them again but oh well xD”

Then we walked what seemed like hours till we found some place to eat where we all fit in ;__;’

MccDonalds again xD”


Here are some random pics!


Well, I took a lot of pictures so I assume u look at my Facebook xD They are really many!



I wa sso shocked that some people came from far away like Bawaria!! I thought they all live inthe near xD’


Well, it was a bit short because I didnt really had the oppurturnity to talk to everyone but I fell in love with some people and I#m glad that i went there ♥♥♥


And now I only need to go to the tanning studio xD They are so tanned and OMG I want that too ;O;

For summer my aim is to achieve the ultimate EGG look xD


And here thanks again to Alina and Binh for taking Caro and me with u to the Central Station of Cologne ♥♥

And Laura xD



Oh and because I saw this secret about Alina last time here is a pic of me w/o ANY Make Up!

I dont have eyes because my lashes are blonde like my hair but Oh well xD”

And I know I look like a 12-13 year old girl but that thefact! I just want to show u how I look in nature haha! ‘.’°






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