Hello New Blog!

I will use this blog as my blog for a while now… because blogspot fucks my inet at home <<‘

My Japanese friend send me some things again… I’m so disappointed with

myself… after my Japan visit I lost contatc to her but she always sends

things to my aunt and me..

Wel, in the first place she is a college from when my aunt went to college.

My firts time meeting her was in Japan 2 years ago, but still. She’s so

nice ;___;

When I start studying I will definitively contact her again and all! ♥

She send me some beans(?). One package normal and one with Wasabi ♥ As if she would know I’m really obsessed with anything with Wasabi at the moment xD

The beans were somewhat wierd but oh well xD They tasted a lot like strange peanuts.

If u know what beans are this then please say it ~ I’m totally clueless!

And then she send me this ! (left) My mom showed it to me and let me guess what it is xD Guess urself! I was really surprised ~ but its so useful ♥

I also want to show some pics from a friends b-day on saturday ♥ ♥ ♥

First time doing real Sujis and well.. One side looked fantastic and the other xD”

But I liked it !!! I’m really proud of myself haha!

I still dont know which Hairstyle I should try for this saturday :___: I’m so unskilled with my extensions X__x’


I like this so much, even though its blurry xD’

I forgot a Outfit shoot even though it was so cool xD Wearing my black vest and my jumper the first time!

Oh and my hair ♥ ♥

I did the back really casual but I was proud xD DONT TAKE IT!

I hate my big nose ;__;

with one of my best friends Biene ♥ ♥

with the birthday kid Elisabeth ♥ ♥ This pic showed me how much I need a tan ;___;”’

She goes to the tan studio two times a week! I cant afford that, but I will start after carneval!!!

Make Up ♥

I wasnt that satisfied…Oke.. I needed about 30 min than usual because it was so bad <<‘ I tried Sachikos Make Up because I’m so in Love with her atm but it looked so wierd on me ;____;

This happend to me on Monday too !“!! I tried a ‘real’ Popteen Make Up here with differnt lashes (More extreme at the end) but somehow it looked so wierd… With this blakc line in the eye corner, u know??

So I redid it and it looked much better, but the pics al looked so wierd O__o”

My Make up didnt look THAT extreme in real! I swear!

But I wont use this make up again xD”!

And my outfit ♥ ♥

I love this cozy look for shopping haha!

I bought so much make up but not the blush I wanted xD” ITS SO EXPENSIVE +cough+

well, instead of the eyeshadows I could have afford the blush but YEAH! Eyeshadow!! EYESHADOW! xD

maybe its because I dont have that much own eyeshadow (all from my mom) but I couldnt resist ;__;’

I bought the colors I will wear in summer! I planned everything xD My whole style is already planned hahaha!”

Every Eyeshadow u see costs aout 0,95€ ~♥ /(~°∆°)/

Thats the reason I bought them! Its because the brand wont sell this items anymore so yeah ! ♥

I effing love essence xD”’

the colors are somewhat different! The blue is darker and omfg it sparkles so much ♥ ♥

And the orange is more of a gold with glitter ♥ the green/turquise is like it should be xD’

I also bought a green eyeliner because its such a beautiful color ♥ ♥ And apllicator for conturing my face xD the brushes are as big as my other eyeshadowbrush and it costs the same but there are three haha ♥

I also bought this T Shirt ♥ ♥ ♥ I saw it before but didnt like it enough to buy it for its price… and know it was so cheap I tried it on and OMFG its more of a onepiece than a shirt!! It even has sacks ♥

I love it so much and I so know a good coordination with it ♥ ♥♥ ♥

Oh, and the thingy my japanese friend send me is a holder for chapsticks xDD I love it so much! Its so useful on my phone! ♥ ♥ ♥

Iwill update more often know!! So please stay tuned haha ♥

Please visit also my other blog http://blingblingness.blogspot.com

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