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Oh good god

I’m so sorry Dx Have u forgotten about me? ahhhhh

I’m too lazy to blog right now but I’m so bored, I will give u a short update ❤

I wnt shopping in the past two weeks alot xD Really A  LOT and mostly in H&M because it SALE in every shop

I didnt do pics from everything but they will follow ❤

First of all… I’m finished with school, forever *__*

So for this I got a new phone ❤ Finally ;_____; I love it sooo much

its a Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro ❤



I will post a few face shoots from the last weeks and a few pics and write something about it xD it happend sooo much I cant resume everything haha


Oh god…did I post anything from the last holidays? @@


too much to show u all..mhhh

just one thing…I got sooo addicted to bun int the lats tim xD My hair is finally loung enough to do a big one ❤

and I try a more ulzzang inspirited lookalternate to my normal gyaru make up

this is how I wnt to the SM TOWN Concert in Paris

And I totally forgot aboput the Boggy Peak Meet XD AH AH I WILL JUST UPLOAD  PICS SO YEAH FUCK IT

I got a bit tanned recently but everything got tanned but my face and neck ….

si I ned todo them with make up and this is how I look when I forgot my make up at home and sleep at a friends xD

how I look atm

radnom pics from the meet

   with Pai and Bella ❤


the pretty famous group foto with hyper xDD and some himeberry gals

caro was lost so I’m th eonly ‘Pearl’ here xD

well… I wont upload any more pics XD next timmme <333333

love u…this time I will do post more often xD

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I will post a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge entry on the weekend after the concert.

I’m so sorry Dx u dont know how I look atm and arggggg


On friday is the SM Town Concert in Paris!!!
I’M so excited I bought some cute pants and all but still dont know which shirt and I die die die because of the clothes and my hair an dARG!!!

I would like to know who comes to the concert because a lot of people I didnt see for ages will come and I doubt that I will see them and arg


I CANT WAIT!!! It s the only thing I can think of atm Dx

SNSD is in France already and the others will arrive tomorrow and AHHH

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Weekend ♥

We went to buy some things yesterday ♥

I laughed so hard and I still wonder whats up with the shopkeepers xDDD they put some gelee bananas right between real ones… in the fruit section XDDD

cakes ♥♥ and they are squarish

I got this with nougat creme filled donuts ♥ they were so yummy xD

Yesterday was the party for my fathers birthday ♥

Here is some camwhoring haha

Outfit shoot ♥ I wore a black lace skirt but u cant see it clear

then today we went shopping because it was sale sunday in our town ♥

I wore a casual outfit b/c it should rain…and didnt <<‘

first time wearing a real usamimi

My parents said it looked funny and cute haha

there were some people and a live act and such xD

I got a red ballon *___*

it suits to my outfit…and TVXQ xD

I was in TK maxx and there were some nice things but some wierd too xDD

this jacket as example looked so much like cosplay xD

then we made a break and drank some alcohol xDD

we got my father to carry all our shoped things xD

then we convinced him to go eat to the pizza restaurant and omfg the food was so delicioussss ♥

it was such  a nice and cozy restaurant ♥ next time I will take some pics of the interior

and the pizza was so big

the small one was about 30 cm

I got one with seafood and pesto ♥








I wore some other lashes today ♥

Dads fiancee got me this nice Escada cellphone strap ♥ we have now the same haha

I got this nice dress ♥ I love it *___*

and I got this gute shoes ♥♥ I’m so in love with them ♥

I will wear them to the Spring Meet next weekend

don’t know what else to wear but I will figure it out xD

Im so excited to see them all

Sascha, Mini, Shizu and all Pearl member but Caro ;__;

but we will so crash the japan day xDDD


OH and I just bought these lenses ♥ I’m excited how they will look

and these lashes

bye ♥♥

ps. I watch Bleach while doing this haha

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At Andys house ♥ Doing Sujis again xD

Yesterday I was at Andys house xDD

Oh and little Update on our Circle Homepage. I added her as a official Member now ♥

I made her my little Doll and amde her hair and Make Up!

I hate to make ther peoples make up b/c I know that I can make it better but always something lacks ;___;

I love her hair ;____; When I do Sujis with my hair, my arms always hurt after a short period of time ;__; buhu

Well, I could do it better, but for the first attempt on her hair, I’m satisfied. ♥

And now some Photos from the ‘Shooting’ XD


I was so fucking ugly on the pics, I decided only to post the ones, where I look like shit on purpose xD















On the right one I edited my face DDD I think it looks somewhat strange, what do u think?

Her Eye make.

I know It should be more round. Next time ❤









she got me this and this as presents haha ♥

And this is my YUkata I will wear for Japan Day in Mai ♥

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Big entry~ San and Caro ♥♥♥♥♥♥

On Wednesday I met San again

my outfit


We wanted to do a picnic because of the beautiful weather but the trains were all late and we met 30 min later than we wanted. It was already so late ;__;’

Well, we did a ‘picnic’ near the Rhein and it was quite funny and cold xD

there were a lot of people.

Some even played the saxophone haha~♪♫




I needed to take a pic of this xDDD the incridiens are so funny








u know, my legs look so fat there ;___;:

then we went to a shop and there was it like Word War 3!!!!

There were mountains of jeans and all just because they had Bargain. And the clothes werent that special.

Pictures cant describe it. the queue was from the cass till the other end of the shop.


Then my freind and I was bored on friday and we tried to decorate the desk in school new, when we were in some other room.

They wrote in the poor desk such a dirt… nono

I drwa the whole Spongebob things xDDD


then on Saturday, Caro and I wanted to do a picnic..but the weather got so cold ;___;

I tried the new eyeshadow I bought for the summer~ because I saw this colors on Sachiko ♥

ANd I guess this make is better for my eyeshape. This little place in the corner.. nono xD




Make Up shootWe watched movies and stuff and we talked a lot

and we had such a nice breakfast ♥

I love the sauce ♥

Well, it was more a brunch xDD


And yesterday I recorded some Para Para videos from myself…But someho.. I look so fat ,__;’

well, I need to edit them.

And I also tried my etensions to do with much bigger curls~









again from saturday xD”

AHH I forgot to edit the phots w/p extesions from yesterday…Oh well





And my fav

I know there is a lack on outfit shoots. They will follow xD the light in my room is always to doof.



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I went shopping on impulse yesterday! u see I wear my new Shirt xD Everybody said it looks good ;__; a little ego boost haha

I bought much xD”’

I finally have some new sunglasses now!! My last ones broke in octobre in France ;__;


Then I bought this b/c I saw it some months ago and then tried it on saturday and Its good xD

And this negligee thats looks like a dress! I know I know… I would lie If I would say I didnt see it frm other worn first but then I saw it in real and omg I love it xDD”

I saw this blouson and I didnt know if I should buy it~ well, I didnt but its still there xD

Oh and I bought this! Its almost the same like my brown one but the upper part is lighter and all. Now 3 shops sell this and in every shop it looks a bit different xD first I wanted to buy it, where the upper part is ith litle roses but then the white is more beige and this looks so dirty X___x

I couldn’t resist them ;____; they did cost only 5 €


this time no Gyaru Make up, sorry. I didnt had time to apply it~

I feel like I dont know anymore how to apply simple make up w/p lashes and lenses X___x


and omfg f(x) ;___; Amber is blonde awwww and Victoria-shii looks so great ;__;


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